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Miller Tool’s facility, equipment, personnel, and experiences are focused towards offering our customers properly applied technology, world-class service, and technical support. Miller Tool offers Machine Repair, Machine Rebuild, Emergency Machining, On-Site Assistance, Control System Debug, Online/Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring, Customer Warranty, Service & Maintenance Agreements, and Training.


Miller Tool employs a highly skilled team of designers and engineers that work closely with our customers, project managers, and sales team to clarify and quantify the scope of the project. Once a clear understanding of the project has been established, our engineering team uses their talents and experience to design a quality product. After the design phase is complete our team works closely with the customer and our manufacturing team to ensure that our customer is satisfied.


Miller Tool employs a highly skilled team of machinists, controls technicians, toolmakers, plumbers, and electricians. This team works hard to produce high quality tooling, fixtures, and equipment. We are able to control internally all aspects of a special machine build, machining of a small and delicate detail or a rework of a component. Our in house capabilities make Miller Tool your one-stop shop for all your automation, assembly, and manufacturing needs.

Project Management

Miller Tool assigns a project manager to every project. This manager serves as the primary contact for the customer from the launch of the program through the start of production and final buy off. They manage the schedule and work closely with the engineering team to ensure that all the customer’s requirements are satisfied.


Miller Tool employs a dedicated sales team that works closely with our customers to determine the best solution for their specific application. Our sales team works alongside our vendors and engineering team to develop a low cost concept that will meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

At Miller Technical Services, we specialize in highly complex medical device manufacturing for the modern health care industry. Understanding the impact your products will have on the users is what separates MTS from the competition. This focus on your mission, coupled with our unparalleled resources and infrastructure will fundamentally change the way you will see your products being developed, manufactured, and supported in the field.